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released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved


My Beautiful Mistake Morrison, Illinois

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Track Name: Indecision
Pity on those who think I give a fuck.

Lately I've been fighting with myself.

Eating away at me I feel so weak so fucking petty.

And I have no idea on what to do and its a pity, a tragedy, a real damn disgrace and..

Oh, they keep on pulling at me.

Why won't they just, just let me be.

And the pressures a bitch. This indecision is keeping me down in a rut.

And in my head, a war is waging. Between what I've always wanted and more.

And in this life, there is no purpose. So whats the point in trying anymore?

And in this life, a war is waging. There's no relief until we've passed.

There's no peace until I'm fucking dead.

I can't keep rotting into this vast sea of doubt. So eager but unsure for as to whats to come.

I keep on fighting, clawing deep into myself. Digging to peel back the worries that cloud my mind.

And it seems I have a change of heart on the matter.

And whats its like to be a petty fuck? I ask myself..

There I go, rotting, festering.

I don't know what to fucking do.
Track Name: Progress
This is the story of a man that I once knew.

He was a quiet fuck but heartless through and through.

And he claims to be societies savior.

Muttering to himself as he plans his endeavor.

To rid this world free from those holding it back.

Free from useless greed and those whom are useless, ungrateful, preventing progress he says.

Pull the trigger and let your instinct lead the way.

To your glory; in history your name will stay.

And to some you'll be looked at as a villain.

Some may retaliate but don't let them escape from you.

We cannot sleep, until they all have suffered.

So willfully holding back the progress of us all.


Can't stop what you've got coming.

Only a matter of time before we find them.

Ridding those who are ungrateful.

Cleansing this world from all the parasites.

Bleeding, scream for us in agony.

Face down, useless to humanity.

We won't stop now.

They will never catch us.

And we cannot sleep until they all have suffered.
Track Name: Let It Burn
I have the heart, I have the spark and I have this nitroglycerin.

I swear I'll burn this city down as embers reach and touch the sky.

Let's light it up, get fucking ripped, forget the past and our regrets.

Enjoy the present for what it's worth and then we'll laugh until we die.

Yeah, we'll laugh it up.

With no hope or care.

We'll forget the world.

Fuck it all.

Fuck it all.

Make this night never end.

Live free be young forever.

They'll take it away.

Can you hear me? They'll take you freedoms away.

Get the fuck up stand up

This atrocities brewing.

Live free fight for your life. Can you hear me? Let revolution begin.

Fight for your life. Live free and die.

It's the after party. Put your hands in the air.

Live free without regrets.

Can you hear me? Let revolution begin.
Track Name: Deserving
Our selfish ways will be the end of everything we love.

Translucent veils cover the masses of the world.

Won't stop extinction, extermination looms.

Sit back and watch the people scream.

Don't think for another fucking second that this is just a dream.

Don't be so stupid dear, the clues were always there.

Won't stop catastrophe so mark my fucking words.

We have the chance to stop it but nobody seems to give a single fuck.

Maybe we all deserve to die.

We all deserve to die.

No one knows simply what to believe.

Plug your ears, shut your eyes, and now separate.

From the truth and reality, tragedy.

Ignorance will spell death for the rest of us.

It's not a fucking charade. Get up and open your eyes.

There's so much shit going on, oh motherfucker.

When society crumbles and our world starts to end.

I'll look into the eyes of the dead and I'll shout to the world I fucking told you so.

I fucking told you so.

We all need to die.

They all need to die.

We all need to die.

They all need to die.
Track Name: Romance
My wrist, my heart, cut, sliced up with razor blades.

My eyes filled with hatred, blood seeping from her gut.

I've been trying to not let these feelings fade.

These lacerations offer constant thrill.

I have become what I despise.

I have become what I can't stand.

I have become the fucking savior of the damned.

I have become, I have become.

My minds a fucking mess. Knife to her God damn throat.

I'll carve a smile and.. She looks so beautiful.

Look into these bloodshot eyes remember how I used to be.

Inside of my mind, inside of my heart.

I have become what I've always told myself I'd never be.

Inside of my mind I have died. I have died.

These thoughts never fade. My conscience screams at me.

It's only make believe, it's not reality.

I'm doing what I swore I would never do.

This hell is pushing through, my mind is full of you.

My conscience bleeds.
Track Name: Ignorance
I am a sinner, an enemy of christ. One who sees the world for what it truly is.

I am a teacher, and I spread the word of truth. Not a fairytale of fuckers in the sky.

I am realist. I cannot take it when people go and lose their sense of reason.

So dear believers why won't you listen? Is it simply out of fear of damnation?

You cannot seem to grasp reality. It's not a dream it's really happening.

So when your prayers all go unanswered and your God won't show you'll say it's just a dream.

It's not real.

It's make believe.

This is not a dream bitch.

You'll say it's only a test and that you'll pray for me.

I've heard this bullshit again, and again before.

You cannot grasp the aspects of reality.

Get with the program bitch look at what you've done to me.

You can't seem to acknowledge that your God is not real.

You can't seem to just accept that your God is a fucking fake.

When at the end of the world, and you'll have lost everything.

You'll find the truth in cold reality.

Well, at the end of the world.