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Pity on those who think I give a fuck.

Lately I've been fighting with myself.

Eating away at me I feel so weak so fucking petty.

And I have no idea on what to do and its a pity, a tragedy, a real damn disgrace and..

Oh, they keep on pulling at me.

Why won't they just, just let me be.

And the pressures a bitch. This indecision is keeping me down in a rut.

And in my head, a war is waging. Between what I've always wanted and more.

And in this life, there is no purpose. So whats the point in trying anymore?

And in this life, a war is waging. There's no relief until we've passed.

There's no peace until I'm fucking dead.

I can't keep rotting into this vast sea of doubt. So eager but unsure for as to whats to come.

I keep on fighting, clawing deep into myself. Digging to peel back the worries that cloud my mind.

And it seems I have a change of heart on the matter.

And whats its like to be a petty fuck? I ask myself..

There I go, rotting, festering.

I don't know what to fucking do.


from Change, released August 8, 2013



all rights reserved


My Beautiful Mistake Morrison, Illinois

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